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Adventure Treehouse 1 

The ADVENTURE TREEHOUSE is a fantastic value! As our most flexible base system, it can accommodate nearly every accessory in the Backyard Adventures catalog, including the 4-foot Sundeck and the 7-foot Tower for a multi-level fort package!

The Backyard Adventures Treehouse Series is the world leader in total value. Our Treehouse play sets have been tested for over 25 years and continue to live up to the expectations of families around the world. We recently redesigned our Treehouse series to give you the highest quality, easiest to customize, best priced Specialty play set available.

Backyard Adventures Catalog - Page 14

Adventure Treehouse

Play set shown with:

      • Double Accessory Arm
      • Belt Swing 
      • Trapeze Bar 
      • 10ft. Rocket Slide 
      • Optional Periscope


      Backyard Adventures Catalog - Page 14

      Adventure Treehouse Specs

      Dimensions: 5' x 5'

      Deck Height: 5'

      Structure: 4" x 4" Vertical Legs

      Adventure Treehouse Footprint Base Configuration

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