Best Swing Sets for Small Yards

Dec 10, 2019


We understand the hassle of shopping for quality playset for your children, since it’s sometimes hard to know which playsets will actually fit in your backyard space. Are there really play sets made for small spaces that don’t compromise on quality and play value?

First, have you measured the usable space in your play area? Be sure to avoid including any space that is not free from obstructions such as concrete, curbs, rocks, fences, etc. Second, how many children will want to use the play set and what are their ages? Children tend to play together so designing a space saving playset with a good activity flow is important. Lastly, what play features are most important for your family? Do you just care about a slide and swings, or do you also need a rock climbing feature or perhaps a creative space? The best swing sets for small yards make it possible to include all important play features into a safe, compact space. Regardless of the brand of play set you choose, please also consider these factors.

  • Is installation included or do I need to be prepared for a self-install?
  • Will the warranty cover my swing set for as long as my children will want to play?
  • How will a playset affect the aesthetics of my backyard?
  • Is this playset built strong enough for me to play with my children?

Space saving forts and swing sets like the units shown below are made from the highest quality materials, designed with the best engineering standards, and are modular so you can create a unique play experience in a relatively small space.

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