How to Design Your Own Backyard Playset

May 27, 2020



Do you remember watching The Little Rascals as a kid? The good ole Clubhouse Gang with beloved characters like Spanky, Alfalfa, Darla, and Buckwheat? If it’s a little before your time, watch the 1994 remake movie ‘The Little Rascals’ with your kids, they’ll love it!

These sweet kids had the ultimate clubhouse. Although girls were supposedly not allowed, Darla quickly softened the hearts of all the boys. This place was just theirs, a place to be a kid, to imagine, entertain, laugh, and maybe solve a few problems they got themselves into.

All kids desire a place to call their own. You can help your kids’ dreams come true by going to to create a custom playset.

Our play set designer is a powerful tool that can help you and your family design the perfect wooden swing set for your play space. Here are a few tips when using the play set designer:

  1. Chrome is the best browser to use with the designer. Other browsers will work but may not run the program as smoothly.
  2. Be patient. The play set designer will take a few moments to load.
  3. After the program is loaded, you will see all of our pre-designed play sets. You may start with one of these play sets or start fresh by choosing Treehouse, Peak, or Summit Outlook base structures.
  4. Please login to your account or register for a new account to see prices for all playsets delivered to your home. Installation will be automatically included if you live in an area where we offer installation services.
  5. Once you have selected the base fort you will see there are green dots surrounding different areas of the fort. Each dot represents a place to add an accessory such as a slide or swing beam. When you click the dot, you will have a new menu pop up with the accessories available for that spot.
  6. You should see pricing in real time in the top right menu as you add and subtract different accessories to your playset.
  7. Consider your space when designing your play set. There is an option to turn off the Safe Area to see the actual dimensions of your play set and turn it on to see the recommended safe area at the bottom of the screen.
  8. Once you have designed your playset you can save your design, email your design, or click buy now to add it to your cart.
  9. If you have any problems loading the designer website, first clear your browser cache. This will usually fix all technical issues. The designer can take a little while to load on slower internet connections, so please be patient.
  10. Most importantly have fun!

The Backyard Adventures Playset Designer at is an industry leading custom playset designer tool that will be fun for your whole family to enjoy. You can always visit to register for an account and see all of our pre-designed playsets.




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11/29/2021 05:50 AM

  I really like the idea about to design the backyard playset. Keep sharing such more helpful ideas