Classic Adventure Treehouse Jumbo 1 Swing Set with Tarp Roof

Adventure Treehouse Jumbo 1 with Tarp Roof Wooden Playset
Adventure Treehouse Jumbo 1 with Tarp Roof Outdoor Swing Set
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  • Adventure Treehouse Jumbo 1 with Tarp Roof Wooden Playset
  • Adventure Treehouse Jumbo 1 with Tarp Roof Outdoor Swing Set
The Adventure Treehouse Jumbo 1 swing set is an excellent play set with great play value. The fort structure has a 5' high deck with over 20 sq. ft. of play space. This play structure also includes a tarp roof, 3 position 8' swing beam, 2 belt swings, trapeze bar, and 10' rocket slide. Treehouse Series play sets include our exclusive limited lifetime warranty on all wood, metal, and hardware components.

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Optional Features Included in this Play Set

Belt Swing for Outdoor Wooden Swing Sets
Belt Swing - Green (8' Swing Beam)

Belt swings are a swing set classic for soaring through the air. This belt swing is designed for an 8' high swing beam, has 1/4” galvanized, power-coated chains, and a rubber safety grip to provide a secure place for hands.

Trapeze - Green - 36" (8' Swing Beam)

Trapeze Bar with Gym Rings has a green powder-coated bar and plastic gym rings. It is designed for an 8' high swing beam and has 1/4” galvanized, power-coated chains.

10' Green Double Wall Wave Slide for 5' High Deck Swing Sets
Double Wall Wave Slide 10' Green

Double wall wave slides are high-quality, swing set slides with the always fun wave and are designed for kids of all ages. The slide is 10' long and designed for a fort with a 5' high deck.

Steel Reinforced Beam Kit - 3 Position

Steel strips and steel top cap for added swing beam saftey on Classic Treehouse and Peak swing beams.

Classic Treehouse Swing Beam 3 Position 8' High

Classic Treehouse swing beam with 3 swing positions and an 8' high top beam.

Adventure Treehouse Jumbo Swing Set Fort
Classic Adventure Treehouse Jumbo (5' Deck)

The Classic Adventure Treehouse Jumbo playset has about 30 sq. ft. of play space and a 5' high deck.

Classic Treehouse Jumbo Tarp Roof

High quality green vinyl tarp with snap on/snap off design.

  • Dimensions
  • Length: 19'3"
  • Width: 17'5"
  • Roof Height: 12'2"
  • Swing Height: 8'
  • Suggested Use
  • Play Area: 30' x 24'

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