Olympian Peak Jumbo 2 Playset

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The Olympian Peak Jumbo 2 swing set covers all the bases when it comes to a playset loaded with climbing features. The fort structure has a 6' high deck with over 41 sq. ft. of play space. This play structure also includes a tarp roof, rock wall, chain ladder, tire swivel swing, rope ladder, trapeze bar, 3 position 9' swing beam, 3 belt swings, monkey bars, chin-up bars, monkey bar fireman's pole, and a 12' rocket slide. Peak Series play sets include our exclusive limited lifetime warranty on all wood, metal, and hardware components.

Optional Features Included in this Play Set

Rocket Slide 12' Green

Belt Swing for Backyard Swing Sets
Belt Swing - Green - 75" (9' Swing Beam)

Steel Reinforced Beam Kit - 3 Position

Monkey Bar 7 Rung 30" Wide - Peak (4x6)

Fireman's Pole - Monkey Bar

Chin-up Bars for Outdoor Swing Sets
Chin-up/Hand-over-Hand 7 Rung Monkey Bar

Peak Jumbo Tarp Roof - Green

Peak Swing Beam 3 Position (9' for 6' Deck)

Olympian Peak Jumbo

  • Dimensions
  • Length: 30'4"
  • Width: 15'1"
  • Roof Height: 13'5"
  • Suggested Use
  • Play Area: 39' x 26'

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