Adventure Peak Junior 1
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Peak Series

Adventure Peak Junior 1

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Peak Series

Adventure Peak Junior 1
from our Backyard Adventures Collection
The ADVENTURE PEAK JUNIOR is the new space saving version of a re-imagined Peak Series of play sets. This new larger fort with a 5’ high deck includes all the most popular features with premium construction. Plus there are many additional accessories available for the Adventure Peak Junior. Add monkey bars, a gang plank, or a Loft!

Accessories shown

10’ Rocket Slide
3 - Belt Swings
3 Position 8’ Swing Beam
5’ Chain Ladder
5’ Rock Wall
Multi-Color Tarp Roof
Rope Ladder
Steel Reinforced Beam Kit
Tire Swivel Swing
Trapeze Bar


Play Set Shown With:

• 5’ Rock Wall

• 5’ Chain Ladder

• Tire Swivel Swing

• Rope Ladder

• Trapeze Bar

• Multi-Color Tarp Roof

• 3 Position 8’ Swing Beam

• Steel Reinforced Beam Kit

• 3 - Belt Swings

• 10’ Rocket Slide