Olympian Peak Junior 3
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Peak Series

Olympian Peak Junior 3

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Peak Series

Olympian Peak Junior 3
from our Backyard Adventures Collection
The OLYMPIAN PEAK JUNIOR is taller with more value. The 6’ high deck makes it perfect for older kids because of the taller swings, longer slides, and bigger accessories. Taller isn’t just more fun, it means your investment will last many more years as kids continue to enjoy their special backyard getaway.

Accessories shown

12’ Rocket Slide
2 - Belt Swings
3 Position 9’ Swing Beam
4x6 Monkey Bars
6’ Chain Ladder
6’ Rock Wall
9’ Spiral Tube Slide
Monkey Bar Fireman’s Pole
Rope Ladder
Steel Reinforced Beam Kit
Tire Swivel Swing
Trapeze Bar
Wood Roof


Play Set Shown With:

• 6’ Rock Wall

• 6’ Chain Ladder

• Tire Swivel Swing

• Rope Ladder

• Trapeze Bar

• Wood Roof

• 3 Position 9’ Swing Beam

• Steel Reinforced Beam Kit

• 2 - Belt Swings

• 12’ Rocket Slide

• 4x6 Monkey Bars

• Monkey Bar Fireman’s Pole

• Loft

• 9’ Spiral Tube Slide