Titan Peak - Junior 1
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Peak Series

Titan Peak - Junior 1

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Peak Series

Titan Peak - Junior 1
from our Backyard Adventures Collection
The TITAN PEAK JUNIOR has our tallest 7’ high base fort deck, with all the bells and whistles. The huge rock wall and large radius tire swivel swing are childhood favorites. Plus your kids will have a view like none other from their very own backyard mountain peak! Titan Peak Junior is made to fit in most backyards without compromising on the best premium play features.

Accessories shown

14’ Rocket Slide
3 - Belt Swings
3 Position 10’ Swing Beam
7’ Chain Ladder
7’ Rock Wall
Multi-Color Tarp Roof
Rope Ladder
Steel Reinforced Beam Kit
Tire Swivel Swing
Trapeze Bar


Play Set Shown With:

• 7’ Rock Wall

• 7’ Chain Ladder

• Tire Swivel Swing

• Rope Ladder

• Trapeze Bar

• Multi-Color Tarp Roof

• 3 Position 10’ Swing Beam

• Steel Reinforced Beam Kit

• 3 - Belt Swings

• 14’ Rocket Slide