Before You Install A Swing Set Consider These Guidelines

Nov 19, 2019


You can’t really be a kid without a swing set. Imaginations run wild with limitless possibilities where kids can jump, climb and slide their way to fun. At Backyard Adventures we want to give you information to make sure that your backyard is ready for a new playset. Here are some things to consider prior to purchasing a new playset.

Figure out the dimensions of your backyard

You’ll need to have sufficient safe space around the playset, and your play area will help determine what type of playset you purchase. We recommend 6 feet of safe space around the entire playset as a general rule, but there are some exceptions to this guideline. For example, you may not need safe space on the opposite end of a swing beam if there are no other play activities on that side of the structure. If you have swings, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, or CPSC, suggests having an even greater clearance for swings — twice the height from the ground to the beam supporting the swings.

Avoid unsafe obstructions

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, you should avoid installing equipment over hard surfaces like asphalt or concrete. It should also be in a space that is free from bricks, rocks or overhead branches.

Is your play area level?

You should try to install your play set on a flat, level surface. In many backyards, the space looks level but is actually inclined. It’s a good idea to know how much of an incline or how un-level your play area is before shopping for a swing set. Many playsets are designed to accommodate un-level or inclined surfaces, so be sure to ask about the leveling capabilities of the playsets you are considering.

Type of mulch

The safest swing set installation includes a mulch bed under and around the structure. There are advantages and disadvantages to having wood chips versus rubber mulch. Wood chips need to be replenished annually to maintain resilience but they are cheaper than rubber mulch. Rubber mulch will always maintain the safe fall characteristics but has a much higher initial costs. We recommend installing a weed barrier before the play set is built and prior to adding mulch. The best weed barriers allow water to drain from the play area. Keep in mind that you’ll need to first install the playset on the solid ground surface, and then fill in with mulch around and under the structure.

Consider the orientation

Some plastic components (such as green slides) can get hot in direct sunlight. If your play set will face direct sunlight, we recommend purchasing yellow slides. But since most people prefer green slides, we recommend orienting slides away from direct sunlight or in a shaded area.

What features are most important?

Do you want to have swings, slides, and climbing features? What about playhouse enclosures or monkey bars? Sometimes it's best to visit a local swing set store so you and your children can “test drive” all the features.

In summary, we thank you for including us in your search for a new play set! We encourage you to visit your local Backyard Adventures dealer where knowledgeable play set designers will work with you to customize the system that’s right for your family, your budget, and your backyard. Most importantly, your experience at one of our dealer showrooms will bring to life all these benefits, and more, of owning a Backyard Adventures play set!

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