Olympian Peak Jumbo 2 Playset

Olympian Peak Jumbo 2 Swing Set
Olympian Peak Jumbo 2 Playset
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  • Olympian Peak Jumbo 2 Swing Set
  • Olympian Peak Jumbo 2 Playset
The Olympian Peak Jumbo 2 playset features three awesome play features up front on the huge triple activity wall! The fort structure has a 6' high deck with 44 sq. ft. of play space. This playset also includes a wood roof, 2 - gable kits, 3 position 9' swing beam, 2 - belt swings, trapeze bar, 12' rocket slide, gang plank, monkey bars, fireman's pole, and an accessory arm with rope ladder. Peak Series play sets include our exclusive limited lifetime warranty on all wood, metal, and hardware components. Playset shown with: • Olympian Peak Jumbo • Wood Roof • 2 – Gable Kits • 3 Position 9' Swing Beam • Steel Reinforced Swing Beam Kit • 2 – Belt Swings • Trapeze Bar • 12' Rocket Slide • Gang Plank • 4x4 Monkey Bars • Monkey Bar Fireman's Pole • Accessory Arm with Rope Ladder

Optional Features Included in this Play Set

12' Green Rocket Slide for Swings Sets with 6' High Deck
Rocket Slide 12' Green

Rocket Slide is a 12' long premium scoop slide with high entrance walls and safe exit design for any swing set with a 6' high deck.

Belt Swing for 9' High Swing Beam
Belt Swing - Green (9' Swing Beam)

Belt swings are a swing set classic for soaring through the air. This belt swing is designed for a 9' high swing beam, has 1/4” galvanized, power-coated chains, and a rubber safety grip to provide a secure place for hands.

Trapeze - Green - 47" (9' Swing Beam)

Trapeze Bar with Gym Rings has a green powder-coated bar and plastic gym rings. It is designed for an 9' high swing beam and has 1/4” galvanized, power-coated chains.

Olympian Peak Jumbo

The Olympian Peak Jumbo playset has about 44 sq. ft. of play space and a 6' high deck. Backyard Adventures playsets are created with the highest quality materials.

Peak Jumbo Wood Roof

Wood roof for Peak Jumbo swing sets and is included in limited lifetime warranty.

Treehouse/Peak Gable Kit (one gable panel)

Aesthetic upgrade for Treehouse Peak wood roofs with a curved gable and circular emblem.

Gang Plank Treehouse Peak (6' & 7' Decks)

Gang plank climbing ramps are built sturdy for children and parents to play together on Treehouse swing sets and Peak playsets. Gang planks connect to 6' and 7' high decks.

Monkey Bar 6 Rung 30" Wide (4x4)

Monkey bars help children get physically stronger, learn to do hard things, and pair great with a monkey bar fireman's pole for safely exiting the monkey bars. This 4x4 constructed monkey bar has 6 rungs on the top ladder and attaches at 6' or 7' high.

Peak Jumbo Swing Beam 3 Position 9' High Beam

Peak Jumbo playset swing beam with 3 swing positions and an 9' high top beam. Add the steel swing supports for additional strength and safety.

Steel Reinforced Beam Kit - 3 Position

Steel strips and steel top cap for added swing beam saftey on Treehouse and Peak swing beams.

Olympian Peak Accessory Arm Rope Ladder

The Olympiam Peak rope ladder accessory arm is a fun and challenging climbing accessory that attached to Olympian Peak XL and Olympian Peak Jumbo forts.

Monkey Bar Fireman's Pole - Mahogany

The mahogany color monkey bar fireman's pole is the safest way to exit monkey bars on any backyard wooden swing set.

  • Dimensions
  • Length: 28'8"
  • Width: 15'9"
  • Roof Height: 13'5"
  • Swing Height: 9'
  • Suggested Use
  • Play Area: 37' x 26'